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Private/Semi-private rooms

Home cooked meals-open dining options

Recreational activities

Beauty shop

Wi-Fi internet access

Religious services

Scheduled transportation

Opening visiting hours

Gathering lounges available for visiting family and friends

Spacious sunroom for year-round enjoyment

Health and Wellness


Physical, occupational, and speech therapy provided by our in-house professionals.


Therapy offered 4 to 6 days a week


Short-term rehabilitation


Outpatient therapy services


Restorative nursing program


Life skills therapy


State of the art spa/whirlpool equipment


Pst hospital recovery care


Orthopedic Care


Counseling and psychiatric services

Skilled Nursing Services


Infusion Therapy 

Incision care and wound management

Diabetic care and monitoring

Dialysis care

Respite (short term) Term

Total Parenteral Nutrition Therapy (TPN)

Nutrition management

Palliative/hospice care

Short term vent care

Bariatric accommodations

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